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  • a forest with two main tree trunks covered in green lichen, another large tree growing horizontally behind them covered in ferns, a smooth water fall is barely visible, partially obstructed by ferns
  • a small dark painted church sits in front of tall douglas fir trees, surrounded by a red sky from the forest fires
  • a sun burst through a maple tree highlights a still creek lined by large blueish rocks
  • A snow scape of a road with large trees branched over head covered in snow
  • macro of pine needles encased in ice from freezing rain
  • A landscape of a tree lined slough near sunset with the reflection of the trees and sky in the water
  • Hellebores with a blurred background and a blade of grass partially shielding one bloom
  • Two maple leaves underwater in a creek, chaned to vibrant colors of motled green, rust, yellow, and orange
  • A single dried leaf hangs from a limb but is caught on another branch backlit in the evening sun.
  • a grouping of cherry blossoms unopened
  • McDowell Creek
  • Siletz Bay - Oregon Coast

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