A Forest Hike In The September Haze

A dirt trail heads into the sunlight and towards a forest

A hiking trail

The Willamette River seen through a light yellow smoky haze

Smoke on the water

Looking up through the branches of a young maple tree

Looking up a young tree

The end of a log on a hiking trail has a hole in the center and fine sawdust at its base

Forest oddities

River grasses and a sawn log sit in the river which is reflecting trees and a yellow hazy sky

Hazy river scene

The trunk of an older tree with a knot hole in the center of its trunk

The old tree

After a month or more of heat and smoke, it feels great to get out to the forest. The air is still smokey, but I wanted to get out for a hike before the rain set in for a week. A great way to escape the smokey air is to find an old growth forest. Darrow Bar, on the Willamette River Greenway, is a small patch of older maples, other hardwoods and a few firs. There is a colorful undergrowth prime for nature photography, and probably birding and general exploring too. It is definitely one of the hidden gems as far as short hikes go, near Salem, OR.

© 2017, L. A. Miller, All Rights Reserved.

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