November Colors At Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

Popular with birders and nature enthusiasts alike, Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge provides views of a simpler, less habited Willamette Valley. Located a few miles south of South Salem, near Talbot, Oregon, the refuge is a collection of several viewpoints and a couple short hikes. Wildlife is abundant. Heron, egrets, grebes, ducks, geese, frogs, several kinds of song birds and birds of prey are commonly seen.

A moss and fern covered dead tree arches over a marsh

Fern Mantel

A pond and marsh are surrounded by trees and grasses during the month of Fall

Fall At Ankney NWR

Sunlight shines from behind fern covered trees

Forest Magic

Backlit trees stand in a marshy area and are reflected in the water

Through The Woods

Small trees stand in a watery marsh and one tree's bark and wood has been removed to the point that it is leaning on another tree

Beaver Forest

A pond, surrounded by bushes and one tree, reflects the partly cloudy sky in the still water that can be seen above.

Magnificent Reflections

A marshy pond is surrounded by grasses, trees, and bushes as an old railroad trail can be seen in the distance

Fall At Ankney’s Rail Trail

A brown vine of red berries is growing from a tree branch into a marsh

Trailing Berries

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