Joryville’s Tiny Temperate Rainforest

This December I was able to hike a small but beautiful hike near Salem, OR. Joryville Park is an overgrown pioneer homestead donated as a recreation area. Joryville still has the temperate rain forest the nearby coastal mountains are known for. This makes for beautiful mossy maples and firs, and oaks towering over a lush undergrowth, and a marshy area complete with a pond and wildflowers that bloom spring to summer. The park is an equestrian area and a great family picnic spot, as well as a nice hike.

A hazel tree stands sans most of its leaves among other trees in the forest
Hazel tree in the forest
A rust and cream colored bracket fungi grows on the edge of a mossy log
Bracket fungi and moss
The branch of an oak tree arches over a hiking trail
Oak arch
Pine trees, maple trees, and oak trees in a forest setting during late november
December forest
A wide blacktop trail curves through a lush pacific northwest forest in winter
A tiny temperate rainforest
Dense pine woods as seen from the edge of the forest
Into the woods

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