A Study In Pringle (Creek)

After a while you notice that you photograph that same place over and over. Sometimes it seems monotonous. The photos seem similar; the same trees and the same sky as you walk in your own footsteps time and time again. As time moves on, you start to notice the photos aren’t so similar. The colors change, your outlook changes and the entire mood of the area seems to change. It’s subtle, but the changes are definitely there.

I feel this way about a few places in my area, but none more so than with Pringle Creek. My guess is its because I access this creek from only two places. Those two spots are like opposing Starbucks — right across from each other. Point A is at the edge of Deepwood Estate and Gardens and point B is on the opposite bank of the creek at Bush’s Pasture Park.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from studying Pringle creek over the last 4 or so years. Also… please see the previous two photos I’ve posted a while back in this post.

Four trees growing along the edge of a still creek
May, 2015
A yellowing leaf floating above a tree root in the water of a creek
August, 2016
Shallow depth of field on a dried brown leaf caught on a branch above the rocky bank of a creek, the rosy light of sunset shines through trees in the background
July, 2015
An angular design made of stones built in a shallow creek
July, 2015
A head on view of a creek as if the viewer is standing in the middle of the water looking down the creek, tree line each side
March, 2018
A male and a female mallard duck standing at the edge of the water
March, 2018
A green maple tree hangs branches over a creek
June, 2018

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