Photo Of The Day Series

I am doing a Photo of The Day series on my blog.

The first week, the week of June 21st, I used a Pentax SMC 28mm lens.

The second week, the week of June 28th, I used a Canon FD 24mm f2 lens.

The third week, the week of July 5th, I used a Jupiter-3 50mm f1.5 lens.

The fourth week, and the rest of July I used two different lenses: the Canon FD 500mm mirror lens and the Jupiter-11 135mm f4 lens.

I hope everyone is well!

Your friend,


A singer sewing machine sitting on a wooden box with green fabric rolled up under the arm
Five yellow roses growing on a small bush
My roses
Shallow depth of field of clear plastic raindrops with blue glitter and blue streaks of paint hanging in the air
Plastic rain
The midsection of a cotton wood tree with one branch full of leaves
Cotton wood tree

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