Snow Day 2021

In Oregon, winter does not necessarily mean snow. There is a weather pattern, known as La Niña, which usually means snow or some sort of wintery weather for our part of the country. This year, we had a full day of snow, and a severe ice storm (see next week’s post). The snow day was beautiful. I was lucky enough to go for a walk through out the neighborhood and take some pictures of trees and scenes I found interesting, including a local graveyard/park.

Treescape in the snow
A snow scape of a road with large trees branched over head covered in snow
Winter snow scape
Limbs like veins

© 2021,  L. A. Miller, All Rights Reserved.

All photographs, art work and images on or are the property of L.A. Miller and cannot be used, downloaded, or reproduced in any way without written permission. All rights reserved.

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