February Ice Storm

I remember, back in 2008, there was a snow and ice storm so bad that we lost power for 3.5 days. When I heard about the new storm this year, it didn’t seem like the weather could be as bad, but it was worse. I was without power for 8 days, several other people were without power &/or water for longer. But, what lies beyond the frightening is also captivating beauty. Before the heavy ice struck, I took my camera out and shot some macros of the ice on different surfaces. I am glad that I did because I didn’t have time or energy to do any serious photography while the trees came down all around town under the weight of it all.

While going outside to help with a downed tree, the sun illuminated the foggy cold air the morning after the majority of ice rained down on the valley, all I could think was ‘the world looks like a beautiful ice sculpture.’ But, then I heard the distant cracking of tree limbs breaking. I stopped looking for photos to take and started looking for how I could help.

Here are the photos I took during the first wave of ice and one photo from the 2nd wave.

macro of pine needles encased in ice from freezing rain

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