Early Spring At Deepwood Gardens

After late winter hit this part of the country harder than usual, I couldn’t wait to get out and see some flowers. I knew just the place to go to: Deepwood Estates and Gardens. Though their wild nature trail was closed due to tree damage, the flowers were beginning to bloom all around the estate gardens. I saw trout lilies, daffodils, hellebores, ficaria, leucojum, camelias, plum and early cherry blossoms, a dogwood, a magnolia, and a few early tulips. There were several other flowers just ready to bloom, or newly planted.

Hellebores with a blurred background and a blade of grass partially shielding one bloom

© 2021,  L. A. Miller, All Rights Reserved.

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3 thoughts on “Early Spring At Deepwood Gardens

    • Thank you so much! Oh, wow, snow! The cold weather is really sticking around this year. We are just now starting to warm up in the western states.

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