Crimson Clover and More At Willamette Mission

Driving into Willamette State Park, I noticed the farm land at the begining of the park. We passed vines of berries, possibly marrionberries or raspberries. Then there were large fields of crimson clover with white bee boxes in the center to collect honey. I never questioned the farming aspect of this park, as it historically was a mission with a farm in the early 1800s. There was also Minto-Brown Island city park, which had large farm fields up until the late 2000s. I tried to find more information about Willamette Mission’s modern farm to no avail.

I drove further into the park and decided to take a hiking trail less familiar to me. The forest was lush and full of many species of wildflowers, plants, and trees. This was a happy change to the city parks, crippled with invasives. After walking a few miles, my partner and I decided to go off the beaten path and follow a horse trail along the slough. There we found some nice views of a Willamette River slough, beautiful firs, pines and hemlock trees.

After our hike, I really wanted to stop at the clover fields. Sitting quietly amongst the flowers and getting to take beautiful landscapes and the sun was begining to set was a nice ending to the day. I hope you enjoy the phot set.

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