Hiking at Green Peak Falls & Alsea Falls

Back in 2002 I went on a drive towards Alsea Falls. This was before GPS, or at least before Google Maps. I was using directions I found in a hiking book that I learned about at school. I took a wrong turn. I ended up at Kentucky Falls instead, which was still beautiful. Twenty years later, I finally made the trip to Alsea Falls.

The Alsea Falls dayuse area is pleasant with a decent amount of parking. We parked and walked a short walk down to the falls. People were very kind as we all took our turns to photograph or admire the falls.

There is a hiking trail that connects Alsea to Green Peak Falls that is only a couple mile hike away. The hike follows the south fork of the Alsea River through beautiful mossy oldgrowth forests and meadows with wildflowers. Green Peak Falls is very similar to Alsea Falls, and it is worth the hike. Both are equally beautiful waterfalls. I hope you enjoy my photos of the falls and forest.

© 2021,  L. A. Miller, All Rights Reserved.

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