A Trip To Upper North Falls

Silver Falls State Park is a vast network of trails and waterfalls. The average visitor might start at the south end and see two or three falls, while the more adventerous hiker will likely start at any place a parking spot is available and visit as many falls as they please, but generally seven on average. A few years ago I went on my first full hike around, and through, the waterfalls. The most popular long hike is the Trail Of Ten Falls. When I finished the trail, I realized I only counted nine waterfalls. This discrepancy dug at me for years. I thought maybe a smaller falls near the South Falls was being counted. It wasn’t. That particular waterfall is not even on the map, and is not grand enough to be considered one of the “ten”. But, I was floundering. Where is this myterious tenth falls?

Fast forward to this year. Keep in mind I have visited this park more times than I can remember. I parked at one of the smaller northern parking lots. From that lot, I decided to walk under a bridge I don’t remember walking under before. I knew the bridge, for some reason I never walked under that bridge with whomever I was hiking with in past visits. Down the trail, about a mile, was a beautilful waterfall that visitors were able to walk right up to the basin. It’s not the largest falls by far, but I think it might be the most beautiful.

A view of Silver Creek
A view of Silver Creek
Upper North Falls
North Falls

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